About Michael Turk & Co.


Michael Turk Company is a designer and manufacturer of fair trade Turkish towels, aka peştemals (pesh-te-mahl), handmade in the mountainside village of Buldan, Turkey. We locally finish our products in Gordonsville and Charlottesville, Virginia.


We offer the finest quality bamboo and Turkish cotton blend fibers, which are naturally UV protectant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, ultra absorbent, soft, lightweight and quick-drying. In addition to Turkish towels, Michael Turk & Co. also manufactures blankets, robes, scarves, dresses, and bags all made with the same processes and fibers as our towels.


Our proprietary peştemal fabric is made of Turkish cotton blends, produced in our hand-woven looms. Bamboo fibers, sourced from farms in Uzbekistan, give our peştemals unique properties: microbial and fungal resistance as well as enhanced UV protection and static resistance. Bamboo is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fiber, the stalks do not need pesticide, they release 30-35% more oxygen than trees, and they grow extremely quickly: 3-4 feet a day!

Other blends we produce include cotton/linen and cotton/silk; Michael Turk & Co. never uses synthetic fibers such as rayon or polyester.


Traditionally, as well as contemporarily, looming is done by local women in Turkey. This is the case for our workshops in Buldan and Bursa. Additionally, Michael Turk & Co., and our parent company Turkish Textile Trader Inc., employs, trains, and contracts women in every aspect of our production: design, logistics, and management. Our CEO, CFO, VP of Logistics, Production Manager, and Quality Assurance Managers are all women.


Please contact us for a wholesale account application. Our products are in a number of stores in 19 states and we are looking forward to expanding to all of North America. 


We regularly process orders in the tens of thousands for both promotional and distribution accounts. We will work with you to create a custom-designed textile for your event or business.